Malibu School is a K to 12 education support school located in Safety Bay which caters to students with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments (vision and hearing), challenging behaviours and/or autistic spectrum disorders.

We have a strong reputation for providing a high quality education for students whose needs are high and complex. Our aim is to provide a supportive engaging and specialist environment in which students are encouraged to aim for a “Future Without Limits”. Grounds and office staff, education assistants and social trainers, teachers and leadership make up a strong and supportive community committed to providing individualised, challenging and rewarding learning experiences which cater for students’ unique learning needs.

Parents and families are the pivotal partners in meeting the educational needs of our students. We build positive relationships with parents in educational planning through a range of formal and informal processes.

Classes are divided into learning clusters based on phases of learning creating a balance between development and chronological grouping to create the best possible learning environment for students. Students in the Early Years are given intensive support to develop the foundation skills to build upon. There is a strong focus in the Early Years program on developing skills in Literacy and communication providing a strong foundation for their school journey.

Malibu School is committed to being a school with expert and specialist facilities and programs for our students. We have a deep commitment to the core priorities of Communication, Literacy and Positive Behaviours. This commitment is exemplified in by our Distinctive School status in ‘Augmentative and Alternative Communication’ with dedicated coordinators in each of these priority areas.