Student Assistance

School Bus Services

School Bus Services (SBS) provides a service for students with special needs. This aims to relieve pressure on families by providing free transport to and from the nearest appropriate education support facility within the metro and regional areas. You may also qualify for a Conveyance Allowance which is an amount paid on a per kilometre basis to a parent/carer to help meet the cost of transporting a student to and from school. To apply for school bus services parents are required to complete application available online at

Smart Rider Cards

The School provides and pays for all students over the age of 6 years to have their own Smart Rider Card which enables them to use public transport for excursions. Each ride costs 60 cents each way. We ask that parents/carers credit the cards to cover these amounts. If the student is 16 years or over and has their own Disability Pension Support Card then their Smart Rider Card can be turned into a Student Concession Smart Rider Card. Simply visit one of the Transperth Information Offices or Kiosks within certain train stations and take along evidence of the child’s proof of age, their disability pension receipt, and Centrelink Documents. Once approved the student can then travel free of charge Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30am-3pm, all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Education Program Allowance

To be eligible for the allowance the parent/guardian must hold a Department of Human Services (Centrelink) Health Care, Pensioner Concession or Veterans’ Affairs card that represents a statement of income for the family. Application forms are available at Reception and to be completed by the parent or guardian for the student enrolled in Years 7 – 12 studying full time secondary course at a Western Australian public school.