Malibu Bike School Program

Bike School is a Protective Education program that will be taught along-side a bicycle mechanic program. Throughout the program students will:

  • Design a logo for the program
  • Design the bike they are going to recycle
  • Source the bikes to recycle through their community access program e.g. local tip, write an advertisement for bike donations etc.
  • Source the consumable items to recycle the bikes through their community access program e.g. trips to Bunnings and local bike shops
  • Access a 2 part Protective Education curriculum through recycling bikes.

Part 1: Resilience Education

Part 2: Road Safety Education

  • Dismantle, sand, clean, paint and reassemble a bicycle
  • Decide what happens to bicycles once restored i.e. donate, keep, sell or other.

By participating in this program students will develop skills in the areas of:

  • problem solving
  • creativity
  • critical and analytical thinking
  • attention to detail
  • the ability to work independently
  • interpersonal effectiveness
  • distress tolerance
  • emotional regulation

Students will be assessed on the 3 parts of the program: development of technical bike mechanic skills; road safety knowledge; and emotional regulation skills.