The Seniors Phase of Learning (POL) at Malibu School caters for students from Year 10 to Year 12, with some students accessing an additional year if deemed appropriate. The educational journey that all students encounter is delivered through an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with a person centred approach. Community based learning is solidified as well as many authentic learning opportunities (please see these breakdowns in the other tabs).

Classroom teachers access the Australian and WA Curriculum, while using ABLESWA as a tool to guide their planning. ASDAN (Towards Independence) is worked towards in areas of interest within their everyday teaching and learning practices to ensure they provide the best education for each student in their class.

Students in this area are further encouraged to develop their independence in all areas of school and life after Malibu. This POL is focussed on developing the skills required for a smooth transition to after school life.