When you walk through the grounds of Malibu School you may see drones flying through the sky or students with Virtual Reality headsets walking through the corridors. You may see students tracking augmented reality characters with iPads or programming a range of robots or even designing a range of products to solve everyday problems.

This is just a taste of some of the ways that teachers at Malibu School are using our STEM approach to engage students and prepare them for a ‘Future Without Limits’. STEM is an integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into one learning experience. At Malibu School our STEM approach focuses on using project-based learning to reinforce authentic and real world applications.

Malibu staff are using a range of immersive technology experiences across different learning areas to create meaningful experiences. Our unique STEM approach allows us to modify challenges and use technology as a tool to differentiate curriculum and create an inclusive learning environment that caters for students of all abilities.

In order to create wholesome and meaningful learning experiences our teachers plan STEM challenges from the ABLEWA and Western Australian Curriculum. Teachers utilise content descriptors from Science, Technology (Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies), Mathematics and the General Capabilities. Teachers work with students to identify real world problems and work together as a learning community to solve them.